Aoi Horus no Hitomi: The Blue Eye of Horus

Egyptian fans can rejoice!

A manga centering entirely in Egypt’s Middle Kingdom has arrived!


The Blue Eye of Horus is about Princess Hatshepsut, who is forced to marry her brother, Thutmose II to secure the royal blood-line. The marriage is strictly political and the two butt heads at at every turn. Hatshepsut refuses to be exploited as a weak woman and insists on opening trade routes and creating political openings. Thutmose is more concerned with his harem and warmongering across northern Africa. Continue reading “Aoi Horus no Hitomi: The Blue Eye of Horus”



Onmyoji is a free-to-play game available through Google Play, Steam, or Facebook gameroom. This game features an impressive cast of Japanese voice actors, but the game itself is Chinese in origin. (I began playing Onmyoji while it was still in Chinese, but the game is now available in English (huzzah!))

Onmyoji is a cute little game where you select a character (which you can change later on) and begin summoning spirits to battle through a story-line. Continue reading “Onmyoji”

Best Otome Routes

Out of the routes I’ve read, free to play and otherwise, these are the top 5 best, for different reasons, from my 2018/ Jan 2019 experience.

  1. Van Helsing: Code Realize. tumblr_p1yxbqhW641sceh06o4_1280                 Code Realize: has really dazzled me with its depth and richness. Van Helsing is a strong, multi-faceted love interest that won my sympathy and affections from the start. Cardia (MC) is gentle and feminine without sacrificing her character and ability. Words cannot describe how much I adore Van Helsing’s route, as of this post it is my all time favorite route.
  2. Owen Chester Lost Alice320402                 Lost Alice is arguably the best of the free to play Otome games and has a slew of routes that I recommend for any otome gamer. Owen Chester has had the best route because he and Alice (MC) have been nothing but dynamic throughout the entire game. If Owen and Alice are in the same room there’s chemistry (even in other routes) so his route in particular really pops for me. Two very strong characters with very strong beliefs, an otome power-couple.
  3. King Jean: Niflheim                                                                                              Niflheim is not a good game overall. Most of the characters fall flat and have all the appeal of off-brand cereal. Jean is the exception. I expected to find Jean’s route in a top of the line paid Otome game, not a free to play. Both he and MC weren’t what I was expecting, he was softer than I imagined, and MC really let her independent streak shine. The story was moving, there was genuine character growth, and it features the best fluff romance ever. OTP
  4. Kuso no Mikoto: Hiiro no Kakeraimg_0043Hiiro no Kakera is irritating due to the sheer amount of time it takes to farm anything to move on in the route. That being said, Kuso no Mikoto has stolen my heart as one of the ultimate otome husbandos. He’s not overtly romantic, but when he decides to be affectionate it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a fantastic version of the “arranged marriage becomes romantic marriage” trope.
  5. John Watson: Guard me Sherlock4fae2-screenshot_2016-09-13-12-12-23Guard me Sherlock is similar to Niflheim in the sense that it’s a pretty average game. There’s nothing that really stands out about it except for the characters themselves. John Watson is the sweetest gentleman perv I’ve ever romanced and I swear I love him to pieces. Out of all the routes in Guard me Sherlock, he has the best chemistry with MC both are smart enough to keep up with Sherlock and Moriarty, but still average enough to be sympathetic to the reader. A feel good route to say the least.

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya was first released in 1986 as a weekly publication in Shonen Jump. At this point in its history it has six separate incarnations, not including video game and movie adaptations.

In this review I will be talking about the original anime series. Continue reading “Saint Seiya”

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School, a manga series by Mai Tamaka, was first published in 2015. It was translated into English this year (2018), so this is the first time it’s been open for American readers.

(Dates come from the inside of the volume I’m reading….I hope they’re right -_-)

Screenshot (4)

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School is a light comedy centering around Haruaki Abe, a descendant of Abe-no-Seimei. Abe is the only human teacher at a school for Yokai, and is terrified of Yokai. Continue reading “A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!”


MYth is an ongoing webcomic by Zelda C. Wang that can be found on several websites including tapas and smackjeeves. This review is going to be particularly focused on “A Promise” but it will also touch on the other stories in the series.

MYth follows Greek myths, from the rise of Zeus onward, and features everyone from the Olympians, to minor deities, to the twelve Titans themselves. It covers their stories in a new light, focusing in on each character’s emotions and actions rather than just re-stating the story as is.

MYth was the first webcomic I ever tried, and I started following it back in 2012. Since then I have seen few webcomics that can even come close to rivaling the quality of the MYth series. Continue reading “MYth”